After pioneering the Solar Revolution since 2002, we are now enabling the transition towards the 'Smart Grid'! Offering Turn-Key Micro-Grids, Energy Resiliency, Demand Response, and next generation of Energy Efficiency Solutions.

Who We Are

Combining Experience and Expertise

A company whose founders have deep experience and 2 decades of legacy in the field of Renewable Energy covering fields such as Project Management, Financing, Software, and Product Service and Support. We have development experience that spans dozens of projects in various States, all across the continental United States. 3rd Rock Energy Systems was created to address the far more complex and sophisticated needs of the emerging new ‘Smart Grid’ which is the harbinger of a whole new paradigm, as Democratization and Convergence transforms the Electric Utility and the Transportation Industries as we know them today.

What We Do

Leading the Renewable Energy Evolution!

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3rd Rock Energy Systems is a full-service Project Development Company that offers truly ‘Turn-Key’ Micro-Grid solutions that include Design, Engineering, Financing, Permitting, Sourcing, Installation, followed by Operation and Maintenance of the entire system. Our experience with garnering all available Rebates, Incentives, Tax Credits, and knowledge of newly emerging sources of Financing and Revenue such as Demand Response and Distributed Energy Resources Programs, together with our own innovative business models, deliver risk free financial results with minimal out-of-pocket investment. We have brought together some of the best brains in Energy, Electrical Engineering, IoT, and Project Financing together, so as to take the complexity out of the equation and deliver complex Micro-Grid Projects in a truly ‘Turn-Key’ fashion, making it really easy to do business with us, using simple easy to understand Business Models, and Contracts!

Our Mission

Helping you deploy leading edge technology

To make the process of Financing and Building Micro-Systems simpler, more predictable, and therefore easier to ‘Contractualize’! We do this by leveraging our sophisticated Energy Management System which does a thorough analysis of historical usage of electricity at any given site, and using sophisticated modeling techniques it helps us design optimized solutions for each site. Once the system is built, It’s the same software that then accurately controls each component of the system to deliver predicted results. This is what gives us the confidence to write BINDING contracts and offer truly ‘Turn-Key’ Micro-Grids to Commercial, Institutional, and Government clients and customers.

What we do

As a leading developer of renewable energy projects, we handle all aspects of these complex projects that include analysis, design, engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning, financing, monitoring and control, maintenance and operation on a completely ‘Turn-Key’ basis

We believe that Hydrogen will become the natural, infinite, and life sustaining fuel that will propel the world towards a future that is harmonious with nature and our universe. It is our endeavour to take you thru this exciting journey into the future.. Come join us !

Share your story with us w.r.t. your usage of electricity and we will look for opportunities that can not only make money for both our organizations, but also leave our children and grandchildren a cleaner, healthier, smarter planet than the one we inherited!

Our Skills


Why 3rd Rock ?

With several years of experience in Renewable Energy and a good understanding of the current evolution of the Electric Grid Infrastructure, we will be your partner in the bounty that these new emerging opportunities have to offer to those willing to take the lead, and etch a path for others to follow!

Renewable Energy Projects, like any other are really about the financial results of the project. We enable financial success of each project through an in-depth and thorough analysis of the historical electricity usage at any specific site. We accurately predict the financial ‘savings’ of the proposed project. We then deploy the same software that was used for the prediction, to then run the actual “Micro-Grid”, so that the actual results can be as close to the prediction as possible. Our software not only controls the micro-grid with great granularity every minute, but also converts EVERY action it takes instantly to dollars and cents. You can visualize your investment making money in REAL-TIME! Contact us to schedule a demonstration of our Micro-Grid Platform

Our Projects

We serve School Districts, Community College Districts, Cities, Counties, Townships, Commercial and Institutional Clients...

Criminal Court House, Atlantic NJ

2MW Parking plus Roof Solar System

Merchantville-Pennsauken Water District, NJ

275kW Solar Farm

Justice Facility, County of Atlantic, NJ

125kW Parking Structure

Civil Court House, Atlantic NJ

115kW Solar System

Stevens Institute of Technology

630kW COmbined Solar System

Lemon Grove School District

530kW Solar Fields

Alpine Union School District

90kW Solar System with Passive Solar Trackers

Seabreaze Offices, Burlingame CA

153kW, Penetration Free, Roof Mounted Solar PV

County Office Building, NJ

60kW Solar System

Our Process

Let’s determine the potential and then Execute!

Step 1] We start with a year’s worth of your most recent Electric Bills and ’Interval Data’, which is an electronic file that your Electric Utility Company provides, that contains full information of how you used electricity over that one year period.

Step 2] Using our sophisticated Modeling-Tool, which takes in to consideration various parameters such as the Electric Company’s Tariff (including things such as Energy Charges, Demand Charges, Time-of-Day, Day-of-Week, Peak, Partial-Peak, Off-Peak etc), as also various Financial considerations such as Federal, State, and Local Rebates, Incentives, Tax Benefits etc., we come up with an optimized System Design that is most likely to deliver the best possible Financial Results.

Step 3] This is the point in the process at which we work with our clients to discuss and agree on the optimal design that would deliver the best financial results for THEIR specific situation, and then sign a simple straight-forward “Shared Savings” contract (That’s how we get paid for our services, because that model ensures we are ‘partners’ with our clients and our interests are perfectly aligned!)

Step 4] We run a final simulation on our modeling tool, using system sizing based on the above, and then ‘Save’ that model to our cloud platform.

Step 5] We go thru all the typical steps of actually building the project, using design firms to produce design packages for building permits interconnection permits, procuring products from our established supply-chain, hire local contractor/s to physically install the system, all under our own Project Coordination and Management.

Step 6] This is the point at which we down-load the ‘Saved’ data file in to the on-site Energy Management System (EMS), which then runs the Micro-Grid going forward and adapts it’s savings algorithms to the REAL-LIFE data as time passes, thus ‘learning’ as it goes and constantly improving it’s ability to maximize yield.

Needless to say that since we are ‘partners’ with our customers, we deploy all possible resources to maintain each Micro-Grid at the peak of it’s performance……because that’s how we all get paid!

Our Business Model:

A] Our preferred way to do business is based on ‘Shared Savings’. We predict what the savings are likely to be from a system that we design for each customer’s specific site. We then install the system at the site USING OUR OWN MONEY. As the system performs and produces revenue, we share that revenue with our host customers. Our customers are always welcome to financially participate in the ownership of the Micro-Grids that provide service to their own site….as also OTHER people’s Micro-Grids, if they so desire!

B] PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) whereby a customer simply buys power from the system, which we install on their premises, at our cost.

C] For a customer who would like to own and operate their own Micro-Grid, we would be happy to develop, design, and deliver the system to them on a ‘Turn-Key’ basis. We also offer Operation and Maintenance contracts for on-going O&M of systems that we build.

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